Internship Management System for Higher Education

Whether you are running an internship program for your University, college or department, the Internship Management System (IMS) is designed to assist you in developing the most effective program, offering guidance to students looking for an internship, monitoring those students who are currently in an internship, administrating the many facets of an internship program in one place and providing support for your faculty.

Who Benefits?

Students All the information your students need is in one place and is customized to each individual student. If they are applying for an internship, all their application materials are submitted and stored in our IMS. If they are currently enrolled in an internship course, all their assignments are submitted and stored online. Students can even track the progress of their submissions. If an important meeting or assignment is coming up, each student is sent an automated email reminder.

Teachers IMS provides teachers with a number of features. We support a "reflexive internship" model that encourages the students to see the connection between their internship and their academic coursework. We provide teachers with a ready-to-use package that includes five template assignments that can be customized to fit their needs.

Director In some internship programs, the Director of the program is also the person who teaches the internship course; in other programs, the Director may supervise several hundred students and as many as 30 or 40 teachers. The IMS provides the Director with a real-time overview of every aspect of the internship.

Businesses Each organization that offers an internship (businesses, non-profits, government agencies) has their own account and can register multiple different internships in any given semester. Twice a year, each organization is sent an automated email prompting them to update their internship offerings.
We will soon be offering each organization the ability to "reverse" the process. Organizations will be able to search profiles created by the students themselves.